Grassmann.jl is a package for the Julia language, which can be obtained from their website or the recommended method for your operating system (GNU/Linux/Mac/Windows). Go to for documentation.

Availability of this package and its subpackages is automatically handled with Julia's package manager using Pkg and Pkg.add("Grassmann") or by entering into ] mode:

pkg> add Grassmann

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest commits, instead use

pkg> add Grassmann#master

which is not recommended if you want to use a stable release.


When the master branch is used it is possible that some of the dependencies also require a development branch before the release. This may include (but is not limited to) the following packages:

This requires a merged version of ComputedFieldTypes at ComputedFieldTypes.jl.

Interoperability of TensorAlgebra with other packages is enabled by DirectSum.jl and AbstractTensors.jl.

The package is compatible via Requires.jl with Reduce.jl, SymPy.jl, SymEngine.jl, AbstractAlgebra.jl, Nemo.jl, GaloisFields.jl, LightGraphs.jl, Compose.jl, GeometryTypes.jl, Makie.jl.

Grassmann for enterprise

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